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Thursday, April 11, 2013

6 month update

This post is a little late - it is seven month............I have wanted to blog so many times but time that seems to be the key when you are parents of twin 3 year olds and almost 6 year old active little boy.

So where to start.  Angelina and Anthony have adjusted so very well to their new lives.  They are very happy children, very happy.  It was a little worrisome to wonder if they would be happy - they are three so I wondered will they or are they sad to have left the only life  they have ever known?  Well I can only go by how happy they are and they are happy.  It doesn't seem they have looked back once and this makes us so happy.

Since they have been home of course they have all types of medical checkups and thankfully every thing has come back clear.  We did have concerns and some scary input with Anthony but it was termed non specific but I can tell you that that what was really going on was he needed love, attention, warmth, caring and parents who love him to pieces.  Anthony is come so far in these 6 months the transformation has been amazing.  They both have come so far from the scared little children they were when we first met them and when they came home.  They are both doing really well.

Angelina is a sweet girl who craves attention and love so much - and it is mostly because she didn't get much in her first years of life.  She wants to please people and make them happy - she loves to be praised and acknowledged for everything she does - Momma I went peepee, Momma I ate, Momma I slept, etc.  besides being sad about this is did make us a bit cRaZy to have  children that need and crave so much attention but as time goes on she is just a happy little girl with a someone stubborn personality.......I have to admit how ironic this part a child - being the last of 12 children I do know that I was the most stubborn kid around - terrible - just terrible and this is not feedback from my family this is me remembering how horrible I could be (and still am at times - although I am much better - I'm an adult now right so I should be !?!?!) now back to a daughter who I have been blessed with to be so much like me seems so ironic - the old statement where parents say one day you will have a child just like you an then you will understand what we went through - well I have been blessed with a little girl who could be my let me say this was not easy - she is not easy and at times it is tough - we are still working out the rough parts and settling in to understanding her personality &  it is so tough sometimes..................Dennis will chime in when her & I are going back and  forth and although it is funny as I think about it as I  type it but when it is happening I am actually ashamed of myself for doing battle with her because really I'm the adult,  although sometimes it does sound like 2 kids going at that is a work in progress and we (I ) are getting better at understanding her and not falling into the game of who will be the winner of this battle.

Angelina loves to go to school on the school bus and is doing really well with learning and understanding almost like she was always here with us......... and we & her  teachers and her school forget that a lot and then we need to remember that it is only 6 months and some things are new or foreign to her so we need to back up a bit.  Her speech is better yet still difficult at times to understand the actual words she is saying it is getting better.   Long term I may research doing something outside of her speech therapy at school as I am not sure if it is enough - it is 3 times a week for 30 minutes but I'm not sure that is enough - not that it isn't enough time but that maybe she is not getting enough of actual speech therapy in that window at school so I will look into additional services to see what what else we can do.  Otherwise she is doing well and is enjoying her life.  She loves playing with Nicholas and Anthony.

Anthony is also doing great and adjusting very nicely.........he still seeks out his sister for most things and they look out for each other no matter what.................................Anthony does have so much more to catch up  on then Angelina however we don't emphasize it too much as he is so much more like a baby then his sister.  Angelina is a toughie for sure and Anthony is a very sweet, sweet little boy!

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